Dry red chilies are used in many countries of the world as spices. Its powder is used as an ingredient in curry powder. Many varieties of chilies are less pungent but of high color and widely used for color extraction. Since dry red chilies color is a natural plant color, it is highly popular among food and beverage processors for its use as a colorant. Dry red chilies are also used in some medicines. The enzyme isolated from chili is used in the treatment of certain types of cancers. Since Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) is the biggest producer of chilies in India, We have our Branch Office in Guntur which is exclusively handling Dry red chilies. Guntur being Asia’s one of the biggest yards for spices especially chilies.

Chilies are the dried ripe fruits of the species of the Solanaceae family. Out of 20 wild species, five are cultivated, with Capsicum annum being the most widely grown. India is the largest producer of chillies in the world.