Tamarinds are slow-growing, long-lived, evergreen trees that have 3 – 8 inch long, brown, irregularly curved pods in abundance along the new branches. As the pods mature, they fill out somewhat and the juicy, acidulous pulp turns brown or reddish-brown. When fully ripe, the shells are brittle and easily broken. The pulp dehydrates to a sticky paste enclosed by a few coarse stands of fiber. The pods contain flat, glossy brown, obviate seeds embedded in the brown, edible pulp.

Tamarind is generally used in India as paste or pulp in addition to its being the main constituent in our daily food preparations. India holds the credit of chief producer of this crop. This extremely sour fruit is available in whole pods, compressed blocks, paste or concentrate. It is used as a base for spicy and sometimes sweet sauces. It is often the main ingredient in juices, soups, chats and bean dishes. The pulp is sold dry and needs to be soaked before usage.

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